Pinnacle Awards

The Dry Stone Walling Association’s Pinnacle Award Scheme recognises outstanding projects incorporating dry stone walling. The scheme is designed to embrace a wide spectrum of work although only the most outstanding projects incorporating the very best of craftsmanship, innovative use of design and inspirational use of stone will be considered for a Pinnacle Award.

The Award is only available for projects within Great Britain in order to maintain the necessary levels of scrutiny. However, as more organisations supporting the craft are established around the world, it is hoped these will build upon the prestige of the DSWA Pinnacle Award with their own similarly scrutinised awards.



Projects submitted for consideration under the Pinnacle Award Scheme should be outstanding examples of their type, built to the highest standards of craftsmanship. In addition, projects should be:

  • of sufficient individual importance to justify special recognition
  • aesthetically pleasing while also displaying the highest standards of work
  • predominantly comprised of dry stone walling, although it is accepted that up to 25% of the project may include mortared work and/or other materials.
  • under construction or completed within two years of the application.

Originality of design, the waller’s skill in its execution, creative and imaginative use of available stone and natural features should all be taken into account when submitting a project for consideration under the Scheme.

Each application will be dealt with on its own merits and assuming that the basic criteria are met, other aspects of the project will be taken into consideration.

Certificate of Merit

Some projects may not be as ambitious as full Pinnacle Awards but are still outstanding examples of workmanship and could be submitted directly for a Certificate of Merit under one of the following categories:

  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Conservation
  • Forestry
  • Historical Restoration
  • Landscaping
  • Public Works

Consideration will be given to projects that:

  • incorporate unusual and skilfully executed design features
  • enhance the landscape
  • assist in the preservation of an area of natural beauty
  • benefit the community
  • improve public access and/or include facilities for the disabled.


If you would like to submit a project for consideration under The Pinnacle Award Scheme, an application pack and further details are available from the DSWA Office.

The DSWA Pinnacle Award Scheme panel will carefully assess each application. As this procedure can take some time, it is acceptable to submit outline details of the work, prior to completion.

Once an award has been made, it is not possible to submit any extension or continuation of that project for a second award.