Aberdeenshire dry stone waller achieves elite Master Craftsman status


Stephen Denham, a professional dry stone waller based in Aberdeenshire, has joined the elite ranks of Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) Master Craftsman.


The Master Craftsman Qualification is a notoriously difficult accolade to gain with candidates required to build four different elements with one being constructed under timed conditions. With little over 50 Master Craftsmen having gained the title in the DSWA history, Stephen knew he had taken on a challenge that few had navigated before.


On Friday 22nd March having passed three walling features, Stephen undertook his hardest challenge yet of building 5 square metres of wall incorporating a right-angle corner in just seven and a half hours. Although a daunting prospect, Stephen rose to the occasion, successfully completing the stint and despite an anxiety ridden interval, during which two DSWA Assessors deliberated the outcome, Stephen passed and ended the day as the newest DSWA Master Craftsman.



Stephen says “ I am delighted to have earned my Master Craftsman Certification; it has been a rewarding and challenging journey of 20 years. I entered into the Masters certification process as a way to push myself to be a better waller”


“Of course, this journey doesn’t just end here as the more I learn the more I realise there is to learn”


Brian Hartley, Chair of the DSWA Craft Skill Group said; ‘This is a major achievement for Stephen and a very well earned one. He is now part of that elite group of Craftsmen who have proved their skill in the Craft of Dry Stone Walling by achieving their DSWA Masters Certificate. A highly prized and fully recognised pinnacle of our Craft Certification Scheme.


If you would like to learn more about the globally recognised DSWA Certification Scheme then check out the DSWA website or email training@dswa.org.uk .