Register of DSWA Professional Wallers

The Dry Stone Walling Association produces a list of its current professional members who hold certificates in dry stone walling. 

This register is available in hard copy from the office or alternatively can be viewed on the website.  The register is produced annually in March and periodic update sheets are printed throughout the year.  The website is updated as necessary on a regular basis.  The register also contains details of corporate members of the Association, some of which are stone suppliers.

How to use the Register

The register is divided into countries and/or regions and within each region the members are further divided according to the level of certification held: Master Craftsman being the highest qualification.  A summary of the four levels of certification is given below.  Full details of the Craftsman Certification Scheme are available here.

  • MASTER CRAFTSMAN CERTIFICATE HOLDERS: have a proven ability to produce quality work to a high standard in a variety of commercial conditions including the construction of a full range of features, eg steps, stiles, sheep holes, pillars, arches, etc.
  • ADVANCED CERTIFICATE HOLDERS: have a proven ability to build set pieces of work with an emphasis on finish and quality including construction of retaining walls, curves and work on sloping ground.
  • INTERMEDIATE CERTIFICATE HOLDERS: have demonstrated their ability to construct a sound, free-standing dry stone wall which includes a cheekend.
  • INITIAL CERTIFICATE HOLDERS:  have demonstrated their ability to rebuild gaps in free-standing dry stone walls.  This certificate is usually obtained part way through training.

Each register entry gives the member’s name and contact details.  Where provided, each entry also shows a series of letters, which are as follows:

  • A = Works within approx. 20 miles of base
  • B = Works within approx. 50 miles of base
  • C = Works within approx. 100 miles of base
  • D = Works anywhere
  • G = Holds additional certificate in Galloway Dyking
  • X = Undertakes work suitable for one person
  • Y = Undertakes work suitable for two-three people
  • Z = Undertakes large scale work (written confirmation requested by DSWA that min. £2.5m public liability insurance held)

We include this information to enable you to contact those most likely to be able to undertake the work.  Many members work anywhere - in Britain and even abroad - see “D” codes on following lists. 

General Information

As in other trades, it is good practice to obtain several price estimates, look at previous work and if necessary, contact the Association for further information.

DSWA is frequently asked for the “going rate” per linear metre or square metre of walling.  It is impossible to have a single rate across the country, as output rates are variable due to stone type, terrain, dressing required, etc.  Where the highest quality walling is required, the reduced speed of work may result in a consequent increase in the per metre price.

Clients are urged to seek confirmation from wallers and dykers that they have sufficient public liability insurance for the work in hand: a minimum of £2.5m is recommended.

In cases of dispute, the Association can provide a short list of consultants who are available to inspect work.

Professional Register

The register is divided into the following regions:



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